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We have increased our product range of low mass insulation bricks and brick for backing insulation with our bubble Alumina bricks as well as Perlite bricks. We also have now in our portfolio various mortars for these brick qualities. To the business segment advanced ceramics or engineering ceramics we have added Aluminium Titanate, which is especially used in the aluminium industry. The attached data sheets are giving the necessary information.

  • Microporous insulation material MP1000 and MP1100 - Datasheet
  • Hydrophobic microporous insulation material MPH1000 - Datasheet
  • Perlite Granulates (expanded Perlite) - Datasheet
  • Perlite bricks (low mass, thermal insulating Perlite bricks - Datasheet
  • Refractory cement for walling-off and cementing porous and absorbing fire clay bricks and ceramic fibre products (FFK 900, 1260, 1450) - Datasheet
  • Refractory cements for walling-off low mass insulating bricks (MK23/70, MK28/70) - Datasheet
  • High temperature refractory cements for walling-off low mass insulating bricks (MK30, MKHT) - Datasheet
  • Aluminium Titanate (htc®-Al2TiO5) - Datasheet
  • Aluminium Titanate (Alutitan- ceramic for foundries) - Datasheet
  • Bubble alumina (HKL99, HKL 1,5/180) - Datasheet & Datasheet
  • Mortars and cements for bubble alumina bricks (MT K 90C, A63 C) - Datasheet


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